The Lye Saga
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Story Eleven

a story that doesnt have much of a plot, but a lot of killing

Vegeta and Cornelius were beginning to be great friends. They had similar pasts, and similar interests... They enjoyed killing things. And all the while when they we're hanging out, Halamoii and Trunks we're hanging out too.

Not a day went by, when the four of them didn't cause some sot of trouble. But what can you expect from a saiyan, a demon, and their half breed kids?

Lye didn't really mind, she spent all her time chatting with Bulma and Chi Chi.The only person who really cared, was Goku....


One day, when the four of them were out on the town, killing and torturing Krillin happened to spot them. They always tried to steer clear of people they knew, cuz then they would tell Goku, and Goku would try and stop them. But Krillin saw them, driving their car down the street, running over points,...old people...2 points...adults...1point.
Cornelius was winning as always. He had good aim.

"theyredoingitagaintheyrekillingpeopleitshorribleyouhavetostopthem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Krillin shouted in one breath. Goku nodded, and flew off with Krillin towards Halamoii, Trunks, Cronelius, and Vegeta. But on the way, Goku was hit by a plain. He fell down, Krillin caught him, but he was too injured to go on.

"You go stop them..." Goku stuttered.." Ill catch up..." Then he slipped into unconsciousness. Krillin nodded, and flew off towards the city.


The four had gotten out of their cars, and we're killing stray dogs. Krillin couldn't stand it, he tried to reason with them.

"Halamoii..stop!" he pleaded, but she just turned her back to him.

"Fuck you" she replied. Then walked up beside Trunks, and kept on killing things.

"The Halamoii I knew wouldn't do this." Krillin shouted at her, she pretended she didn't hear.

Just then, #18 and Marron, who were shopping with Krillin earlier walked by. Halmaoii pretended she didn't see them, but Cornelius walked up. He powered up, and shot a blast at them!

"Noooooooo!!!!!!" Krillin shouted as her ran up and took the blow.
"Krillin!" Halamoii shouted. The other three stopped killing things as Halamoii ran to Krillin's side. #18 and Marron ran up too. Marron was crying, Trunks and Vegeta were gaping, and Cornelius was laughing, that is until #18 drop kicked him, and he fell unconscious. Halamoii didn't waste any time, she picked Krillin up, and flew him to the hospital.


Meanwhile, Yajirobe was flying down to the ground to see what unfortunate soul he hit with his plain.
He arrived on the ground to find goku, half dead, bleeding from every orifice in his body. Yajerobe didn't seem to worry about the saiyan, he just shrugged pulled a senzu bean out of his pocket, and fed it to Goku.


After Halamoii was out of sight. Trunks and Vegeta flew home, but Cornelius kept on killing.
He fired a blast at an orphanage, but when the dust cleared, the building was not damaged at all, but a man stood in front of it. He had looooooooooong golden hair, and bright green eyes. Cornelius had never seen him before, but recognized the outfit the man was wearing. It was an orange gi, with a blue top underneath, and the Turtle Symbol on the front.

"Who are you?" he growled.

"You know me Cornelius," the demon just looked at him. "It's me, Goku" Goku's voice did not sound happy, it sounded angry, harsh.

"G- Goku-" Cornelius took a few steps back, he could sense immense power coming from Goku. "What happened to you?"

"I turned super saiyan Level three" Goku replied simply, then changing the subject, "you have to stop this massacre."

"Humph" the demon replied, "you can't tell me what to do." Cornelius turned his back on Gioku, and prepared to fire a blast at a group of frightened teenagers.

Goku shook his head sadly, "I didn't want it to come to this." and he kicked the shit out of Cornelius. The demon had no defense against the powerful saiyan. When he was almost dead, Goku changed back to normal, and flew Cornelius to Capsule Corp.

Halamoii was crying at the side of Krillins bead, when a short fat man with long dark hair, that looked like a pig came in.
Halamoii stood defensively, she did not want anyone to hurt her friend. "What do you want?" she demanded.
"Calm down bitch princess" Yajirobe pushed passed her and fed Krillin a senzu bean. Immediately Krillin sat up, perfectly healed.
"Who are you?" Halamoii asked, still in fighting position. Yajirobe explained who he was, and what a senzu was. Then Halamoii apologized to Krillin, and swore off killing innocent people, and all three flew to Capsule Corp.

As soon as Vegeta and trunks landed in their front yard, they we're greeted by Lye, Bulma and Bra. Trunks took it upon himself to explain the whole situation, (or at least everything that had happened before they left.) As soon as he had finished explaining, Goku landed, carrying a wounded Cornelius in his hands.
Lye ran to her injured husbands side, and glared up at Goku. "What did you do to him?" she demanded.
The Goku explained what had happened with him, and Yajirobe, and the beating of Cornelius and stuff.
When he finished explaining, Halmaoii, Kirillin, and Yajirobe arrived,. Everyone was glad that Krillin wasn't dead (this would be what, his fourth time dying?) Lye stole a senzu off Yajirobe and fed it to her husband, and as soon as he felt better, she kicked his ass, and made him promise never to harm another living soul. Regretfully, he did. So did Trunks, and Bulma even convinced Vegeta to stop killing for pleasure.
So now Halamoii and Trunks had to find something else to do for fun, and Jen had to think of a plot for another story.